Young Jeezy - Enough Lyrics:
If you grind strong enough
If you grind long enough
If you grind hard enough

[Verse 1]
Oh Lord, I woke up this morning and started praying
And only ni**as feeling my pain, know what I'm saying
Dear Lord, street life ain't no game, know what I'm saying
It's for my money really, f**k the fame and I ain't playing
See I passed the rock a couple of times, let me assist
Ni**a me and ya'll together how the f**k we gonna miss
Ni**a all we worry about is how the f**k they gonna flip
Cut the window drop things, I swear to god they gonna trip
Meet the haters meet the feds, now that's gotta be a sign
Smoke a blunt and lap the body, right lose my mind
Hit the booth and spazzed out, almost lost my mothaf**kin' mind
Bought a mic for these hoes, you know my mothaf**kin' grind
Sleep is the cousin of death, and I'm alive
Thug Motivation plus inspiration equals survive
They tryna rob me of this success with no disguise
I know that shit was hard on you Young[?]

(If you grind hard enough)
You can stack a few mil' ni**a make it out the streets like me
(If you grind strong enough)
You can be a trap star ni**a be on TV and keep it G
(If you grind long enough)
You can take care of your nephews and your nieces and your moms and your girl
(If you grind hard enough)
You can stand on top and tell these hatin ass ni**as It's Tha World

[Verse 2]
I'm on deck, on point, I'm straight, I'm cool
Got the whole 500, drop dead old school
Live by the G Code ni**a, I don't break no rules
And when I was in the streets I ain't see no dues
All I know, come through use the kitchen do the dishes
Rock hard say your prayers say your muhf**kin' wishes
Jizzle what you do you sick of hopping out a 'Coupe
Cop a four door ni**a hop up out it in a suit
Giorgio Armani, still represent the struggle
I'm in Giorgio Armani, still represent the hustle
See a man made the clothes, clothes never made the man
And if a ni**a tell you different he ain't seen a hundred grand
All I heard is what I couldn't do, All I heard is what I couldn't be
Yet I'm still determined on these ni**as, just look at me
Sometimes I lay up in my bed, think 'till my head hurt
F**k raps I'd rather stress, yeah we call that bad work


[Verse 3]
Okay now f**k that bullshit, get off ya muthaf**kin ass
You working with us